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NYC Music Rehearsal Studios


Since 1979, The Music Building has been the largest music rehearsal facility in NYC. With 69 rehearsal studios exclusively leased to musicians of all genres on a monthly basis, the building has become the physical hub of independent music creation in the North East. Located on 38th street and Eighth Avenue in Manhattan, the Music Building’s rehearsal space is accessible to artists from all regions of the Tri-State area due to its proximity to the Port Authority and existing subway stations in the neighborhood.

As the first stop in the music creation process, the Music Building has consistently been viewed by the music community as an integral part of their trade-craft. Prior to reaching stardom, artists such as Madonna, Blondie, Billy Idol, and Metallica, rehearsed and refined their first hits in Music Building studios. The inspiring vibe and community aspect of the Music Building has been a contributing factor to the mutual loyalty that exists between musicians and the Building.

Rehearsal space for all budgets

The Music Building provides 24/7 accessibility and on-site staff.  We are located at 584 8th Ave in New York City.  Check out our current vacancies and sublet listings. Or, call us at 1-800-514-5281.


The Music Building Showcase Night at Toshi's

The Music Building Night at Toshi's

The Music Building is hosting a night featuring bands from the building. Contact us to enter to play.

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